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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Progress has been made!

Thanks largely to a select few amongst you, the community, significant progress has been made towards bringing WiiBuddy to Windows. The remotes connect just fine now and all that is left to do is to fully implement and test all of the remote extensions (easy) and get everything to work with the “TR” remotes (not so easy).

A refresher for those of you that aren’t aware, when Nintendo started making wiimotes with motion plus built into them, all was still right in the jungle. However, a few months after that, a new breed of remote emerged with the bluetooth identification of “Nintendo┬áRVL-CNT-01-TR“. These remotes also have motion plus built into them but also work slightly different beyond that. They’re completely indistinguishable to the common user, but we are not common users, are we.

I still do not have consistent access to Unity Pro on a PC, but I am still able to move this forward. Hopefully, I will have even better news in a short while.