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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Improvements coming

I’ve been working on a client’s project lately and it’s helped me notice some shortcoming in WiiBuddy’s API when it comes to motion plus. As it is now, it’s only set up to calibrate motion plus if you have the Wii prefab in your scene and it automatically attempts to calibrate right away (waiting for you to place the controller down face down).

While it’s possible for any user to rework things themselves to make this more convenient, I’ll be expanding the API soon to make using motion plus even more convenient and accurate.

I’ll probably release version 1.1 at the same time as WiiBuddy Lite, which is just about ready itself. We’re just waiting for some promotional art to be ready.

WiiBuddy for Windows (has hit a few bumps in the road)

So just in case any more people come here to inquire about WiiBuddy for Windows, I figured I’d make a post to let you know the state of things.

Essentially the problem, has something to do with establishing the bluetooth connection to the Wii remotes. We have no trouble doing it outside of Unity, but doing it inside of Unity immediately causes the remote to disconnect. It’s a problem.

Fortunately, we’ve been in contact with some engineers over at Unity. So if all goes well, we should be able to slap together a Windows version lickity split.