Just a couple of kids tryin' to make it on their own.

Jump Jump Boom


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This is a nice little iOS puzzle game I’ve worked on in my spare time. It was fun because it got me a chance to actually work on the design side of things rather than spend all my time programming stuff. It was made using the GameSalad engine. So the game’s features are a bit limited, but I think I managed to do much more with the engine than most have.

-You jump off of solid ground and floating blocks by tapping where you want to jump towards.
-You set off different kinds of bombs by either tapping on them, bumping into them, or crossing their tripwire.
-The goal is to move all the floating blocks and destroy all the bombs, without falling out of bounds, as quickly as possible.
-Destroying everything is 75% of your score
-Each level has an open pipe that serves as your escape (and the other 15% of your score)

I’ve spent countless hours playing this game and I still haven’t gotten tired of jumping all over these levels and blowing stuff up. If you like a good challenge in your iOS games, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. I know I can beat any level fairly easily, but I’m pretty sure I made this game harder than most of the hand-holders out there

So go buy it! And if you have bought it! Let me know what you think! There’s definitely room for improvement. If enough people buy it, I’ll definitely be able to afford adding plenty of new features and port it to other platforms.

Art by Matt Park

Sound by Victoria Dorn


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