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Monthly Archives: March 2013

WiiBuddy Demo Scene Download

In case you’re interested in WiiBuddy but aren’t sure about it yet. Here’s a Mac OS standalone of the playable demo scene that comes with WiiBuddy. You can connect your wiimotes in the scene and see some fancy moving primitives and input data and stuffffff.

Just push the find button in the scene and then push the red sync button on your remote. At that point, it should connect your remote (or balance board) and start making magic. Feel free to point your wiimote at a sensor bar if you have one also (I’ve also heard two candles can do the trick if you’re a crazy person).

You can connect multiple remotes but it will only display one remote’s input at a time. There will be buttons for switching between remotes.

Let me know if you have any problems! I’m always looking for more bugs to fix!

And here’s the video of me using an older version of the same scene!