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Monthly Archives: February 2013

WiiBuddy 1.1 is now available!

So I had been putting off the first update for a while because I’ve been in touch with a customer in Pakistan whose WiiRemote Plus seems to work a bit differently than those here in America. It’s been difficult to fix, especially since it’s impossible for me to actually get my hands on said remote. So I still don’t have that remote properly decoding motion plus data (and maybe extension data).

That might be a while, so the update I’ve put up deals with a few other issues.

Added support for older WiiRemote Plus models Remotes with motion plus built in, but without the “TR” suffix on their bluetooth name weren’t detecting their motion plus. Fixed.

Fixed Motion Plus – Fast roll rotation was erroneously magnifying yaw rotation. Fixed.

Exposed Motion Plus Detection into Wii.cs – Now you can have a lot more control over whether or not to automatically calibrate motion plus when placed face down and can choose to calibrate it otherwise.

Added more Motion Plus functions for calibration and detectionYou have more options for detecting and deactivating motion plus as well. Deactivating motion plus will be important once I make more IR data available (but only available in the absence of extensions and motion plus)

Added new Motion Plus functionality to Wii prefab inspector – New buttons in the prefab representing the new features I just mentioned.

Further explained Motion Plus detection in ReadMe – duh.

Fixed capitalization in API syntaxHopefully this doesn’t cause any issues for people that already have WiiBuddy and have scripted a lot with it. I just noticed that not all of the functions in the API began with capital letters. Fixed?

And here’s the link to WiiBuddy on the Asset Store!


PS – Still no Windows version, but we have some fresh blood working on it. Perhaps I will be able to report progress in a week or so.