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WiiBuddy for Windows (has hit a few bumps in the road)

So just in case any more people come here to inquire about WiiBuddy for Windows, I figured I’d make a post to let you know the state of things.

Essentially the problem, has something to do with establishing the bluetooth connection to the Wii remotes. We have no trouble doing it outside of Unity, but doing it inside of Unity immediately causes the remote to disconnect. It’s a problem.

Fortunately, we’ve been in contact with some engineers over at Unity. So if all goes well, we should be able to slap together a Windows version lickity split.

Time to get Started

Hello. Welcome to this highly unfinished website! In due time this will be a place of of many great discussions and feedback. It will be a grand communion of knowledge and expertise.

…There’s an infantile version of our WiiBuddy API available in a tab above.